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Music Director Job Description

Rover Baptist Church

202 Baptist Church Rd

Eagleville, TN 37060




Job Description: Music Director

(Part-Time Position)



The Music Director is responsible for the development and promotion of the music program of the church. It is currently a part-time position with duties primarily on Sunday morning and Sunday evening. The Music Director will be under the supervision of the Senior Pastor. The music ministry is about calling believers to spiritual renewal and leading them in worship on the Lord’s day. The Music Director must be purpose-driven and demonstrate a strong faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, and the ability to share their faith with the congregation, particularly through music.


Position Description:

The Music Director will be responsible for the planning, organization, conducting, and evaluation of worship services in conjunction with the music and media ministries. The music director will provide variety in types of music presented, with contemporary music blended with traditional hymns. The music ministry will focus on the totality of our individual and corporate experience of God and create venues for and assist in expressions of praise and worship by leading our congregation in meaningful worship each week. The purposes of the music ministry are to facilitate an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and glorified, provide direction, oversight, and coordination of musical, and technical elements of worship services.


Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements:

  • Hava a passion for worship and vibrant prayer life.
  • Personal integrity, self-motivation and time management skills by being on time for practices, performances, and church services.
  • Strong communication (written and oral), organization, and teamwork skills.

  • Possess a strong musical background and training, with ability to read music and lead the congregation in worship.

  • Experience organizing traditional and contemporary style worship

  • Practice and support Southern Baptist beliefs and principles as stated in the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).

  • Make arrangements when unable to perform duties as described during services or practices.

  • Understand, explain and teach musical theory as it applies to worship environments.

  • Identify theological quality and faithfulness of lyrics.

  • Able to pass a criminal background check as a condition of employment.


Specific Duties:

  • Develop a plan with assistance from the church leadership by learning the worship culture of the church, the vision of the pastor, and the gifts of the volunteers in the music ministry.

    Work with the Pastor in developing creative worship services using any and all available resources to enhance the overall impact and faithfulness of the service.

  • Lead congregational singing in corporate worship services unless delegated to another individual.

  • Work closely with the media team regarding all audio and visual needs.

  • Oversee the planning and direction of annual Christmas and Easter presentations, and other special worship service events.

  • Lead and direct the choir in preparation for and presentation of annual Christmas and Easter musicals.

  • Lead and direct the choir during the Sunday services, working with volunteer musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists).

  • Select & coordinate congregational songs with sermon topics and seasonal themes.

  • Plan and conduct 5th Sunday singing evening services.

  • Encourage the development of spiritual, musical, artistic, and technical gifts of others.

  • Preview the selection and purchase of all needed music, instruments and equipment as well as all related resources in the music department along with the assistance any other music and/or budget committees.

  • Establish a rehearsal schedule for choirs, instrumentalists, and praise team members of various age levels.

  • Participate fully in the life and activities of the church.

  • Establish relationships with other seasoned music ministers in the area for further development of leadership and pastoral abilities.

  • Coordinate and empower others to assist in the music ministry as needed.

  • Oversee all other aspects related to the music program and duties as assigned by the church leadership.